Rosemary Dr

edony in Largo, FL

Small garden bordering on a tidal stream. Across the road is a large pond which is part of the stream that comes from the Lake up the road. When it rains this pond fills up and spills into the stream causes the rushing water to pass at the bottom of our garden. There is a gazebo and a deck with four large Sago Palms, two big oak trees, a 'bottle brush' tree, two hibiscus in red and yellow and a rubber plant. There is a dipping pool and a covered patio. Around the garden is a fence with the back fence of black wire so that we can see the stream. The bar-b-que sits on the deck. There are two sheds for tools and pool equipment.

Back Yard Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Patio

1 of 8: Blue Heron fishing in stream.

2 of 8: Gazebo and tree lit up for Christmas

3 of 8: Pool and palm tree

4 of 8: Stream rushing over rocks at bottom of garden

5 of 8: Gazebo in the daylight

6 of 8: Ponytail Palm

7 of 8: Banana plant

8 of 8: Looking east toward bridge over stream

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