Outdoor Living Area

Meadowlark in United States

What used to be a large empty dirt pile, is slowly transforming into a living area, soon to include an outdoor BBQ area. This slideshow shows much of the process.

Back Yard Covered Patio Hardscape Patio Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Step by Step Project

1 of 11: Always important to pay ridiculous amounts of money for *professional* plans. Which we didn't follow. :(

2 of 11: Tear up the already empty backyard

3 of 11: Tear it up some more, from the other angle

4 of 11: Level the gravel

5 of 11: Carry heavy pavers - by hand - clear across the backyard to the work area

6 of 11: Start laying pavers!

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That would scare me too! That is too funny! Tell them you are the only one that gets to operate. LOL It is shaping up quite nice.

We finally found butterflies in a "wound suture kit"... I was terrified because the husband and our adult daughter kept asking "are there any needles in this kit?" They sounded WAY too excited!!!

Too Funny...Sorry about your arm. Did you butterfly it At least? That's what I would have done. Will be checking back to see how yur project is going. I think it will look really nice.

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