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BTower11 in Indianapolis, IN

New house, yard is overgrown to the left of the porch and boring everywhere else. Would like to clear the most of the growth on the left and add some color and interest with plants and shrubs. Would love some ideas or suggestions.

Before & After Curb Appeal Front Yard I Need Ideas! Help! Path / Walkway Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Step by Step Project

1 of 4: View of front yard from street

2 of 4: View of the right side of yard

3 of 4: View of the the overgrowth

4 of 4: View of front porch I would like to highlight

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Just a thought... I took another look at the steps. Can't tell from the picture, but they look like cement. Not too attractive... perhaps they could be faced with brick to match the raised bed or if not possible, possibly painted. In any case, I would remove the house numbers on the steps and if brass, shine them up to replace the ones on the porch post, which are too modern of a font for the stye of the house and should be place a little bit higher.

I love your house. Keeping with the style of the house, I would add a white picket fence across the front and down both sides with mixed color cottage-garden flowers along the fence. I would consider a small raised bed, brick maybe, with rose bushes planted in it along the porch in the area next to the steps. I would keep the roses all the same color as not to compete with the other flowers. Two large pots with more flowers on either side of the front door would be nice. Looks like you may have to dig up the grass and start over, but I think it would look lovely when completed. Best of luck with whatever you decide.

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