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VJPS in Sunland, CA

This summer I had to have a large pine tree cut down. Now I need to replace almost everything with plants that can take the hot sun.

Before & After Curb Appeal Front Yard I Need Ideas! Help! Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.)

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I picked up some stone hedges from homedepot, they are about $2.99ea. They are very light in weight. I can't wait to get more. Check them out on line if you get a chance, nicer in person. They have the look of rock. They come three attached. Try those in place of the green plastic hedge border.

That's a good idea to plant a rose in a pot. I have a large, pretty pot with one dead plant in it.. (my thumb isn't very green). I only have the one rose bush and thought I might try another as it seems to grow nicely in spite of me ;). Thank you for the suggestion and the nice comment.

I love it. Like a postcard. Try a potted rose bush, they take the heat and you can keep it at specific size.

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