pond before & after 2006-2011

Sam(Sandy) in Sunbury, OH

pond in 2006 and after it was dug out,cleaned up,and stocked.We live in the country on 7 acres we share with our daughter,son in law and their 3 kids.We live across the pond from them.....What a way to spend our golden years....It's wonderful........

Before & After Front Yard Huge (Half Acre Plus ) Pond Water Feature

1 of 5: Pond in 2006, just a mud hole.... Daughters home in background

2 of 5: Pond now,2011..... 1/2 acre, 15ft deep at deepest ,sand beach,dock with slide.Stocked with fish.Ice skating in winter..... in this photo,our house...

3 of 5: pond 2011....this photo daughters home across pond from our home

4 of 5: clean clear water,stocked with fish

5 of 5: Our home 2011

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What do you do to maintain the pond? What kind of fish? We have turtles in ours and don’t want to kill them. We live in Southern Indiana.

We have been thinking about having a pond but were concerned about the insects and the wildlife (we are on 25 acres in the Sierra National Forest). Have you had any problems with either? After seeing how gorgeous your place is, we are revisiting that plan.

That is absolutely fantastic!!
Mattemma is right--staycation all the time!!

That is just beautiful and how nice to be right accross from your daughter

Thanks girls,
It will sure seem dead around here after the kids go back to school.I'll miss all the splashing and yelling(call me crazy) You are always welcome for a visit,would love to meet you,Sandy

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