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Rob Rice in Brownsville, IN

If anyone could help with ideas on my yard it would be appreciated. the big mound out front by the road is the biggest eye sore,,thanks

Before & After Curb Appeal Front Yard Hardscape I Need Ideas! Help! Lawn Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Step by Step Project

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burberry shrubs in front of the house. off to the right of the house looks like you had a tree there, plant one japanese maple, but not the ones with the droopy leaves. On the side if the house try snow bushes they will grow to cover all that wiring and stuff. Later you can get a bird bath, a bench 2 x 2 ft put under tree for decoration or a standard size under tree. all these will add beautiful color.

awesome ideas thanks I did see somewhere where they put rocks n mulch and plants on the slopping part of the hill that would be great cause I hate mowing that hill in front....and ornamental grass around your foundation great idea....I well post updates

Rototil, Level and design shapely rock beds. add a little korean boxwood shrub around house oh yeah, add a small rock pathway up to the house. Maybe add large wooden stgair case to porch. Also try a few large potted plants on the porch. Hope this helps a little Elaine

I would recommend any plants,shrubs,and trees that give you food.Maybe some sweet willian or short ornamental grass around your foundation.For the mound something short and spreading so you need not mow.

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