1 of 18: Welcome ~ This area is near my patio so I like to put lots of white so it shows up at night for my Moonlight Garden.

2 of 18: My Easter lilies in bloom. I bought them in the grocery store after Easter last year and planted them.

3 of 18: You will see where this is hanging on the next picture. It's low for a window box but I really wanted one and have enjoyed it.

4 of 18: We have a narrow lot so I decided to make a narrow flowerbed all the way down the fence so I would have room for a walkway. I usually make curved beds.

5 of 18: Encore Azaleas and Japanese Maple tree.

6 of 18: Garden sign that people seem to love in my yard. I can't remember where I purchased it but I know home gardening centers have them inside their stores where you can order them.

7 of 18: A magnolia blossom from the Teddy Bear Magnolia I planted. This is a small tree for my small yard. Magnolia's make me think of Mississippi where we lived in Vicksburg, Natchez, and Madison.

8 of 18: Favorite Iced Tea spot on my patio.

9 of 18: This is me having fun in my back yard. If only I could live outside!

10 of 18: Hot Cocoa Roses. Roses are hard to grow in my climate in FL. It's so humid and hot in Zone 8.

11 of 18: Autumn Embers - Encore Azaleas. These bloom at least twice each year...even at Christmas!

12 of 18: Lucille Daylily. My mother gave me daylillies as a present when I was first starting out in gardening over 30 years ago. She told me that you can't kill them and she's right! They are an easy flower to begin with and will encourage you to keep trying things because they do well and make more! Just divide up clumps every few years and give some away or spread them around your yard.

13 of 18: Confederate Jessamine just beginning to cover the arbor. The hardest part about gardening is waiting for things to grow. The shrub on left is a slow grower and I can't wait for it to give me some height in that area.

14 of 18: I love window boxes and container gardening because I can change out the flowers and try new things. I have this right when you walk through the gate in our back yard.

15 of 18: Walkway to the woods. Just planted a few things like the butterfly bush and angelonia so they've not taken off yet.

16 of 18: Swingtown Bearded Iris. Like the daylily, this is great for beginner's because they too will multiply and are hearty. I hope I can encourage people who desire to garden to just get outside and play in the dirt. It's GREAT exercise and gives you so much satisfaction! Read the labels of plants and don't try to make a plant grow where it doesn't want to be! Think about the full height and width of plants BEFORE you plant them. This will save you a lot of grief down the road from having to move them. Now go out and dig up some dirt!

17 of 18: Carolina Jessamine covers the fence between our house and our neighbors.

18 of 18: Encore Azaleas and Japanese Maple both 3 years old in this picture. They are shaded by the woods behind us in the late afternoon but get full sun from morning until around 3pm. Would probably be better if no direct sun after 2pm though. Love to hang ferns and plants on my fence posts.

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How nice...thank you! This was a sweet surprise to receive a comment today! I had forgotten about yardshare! I have now moved to Atlanta, GA where I own a tiny spot of ground on a townhouse patio! My hubby is glad I can no longer spend all his money on plants and flowers! Some people need big homes, fancy cars, and diamonds...I get excited over something in bloom. ;-)

Love all your beautiful flower bed pictures

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