Sunny Sarasota

Jan Wilhelm in Sarasota, FL

Like the tropical look. Try to attract butterflies and birds.

Back Yard Front Yard Garden Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Patio Pool Side Yard Tropical Garden

1 of 10: Left of driveway

2 of 10: Along the front walk.

3 of 10: Bromeliads in front.

4 of 10: Looking into the courtyard.

5 of 10: Ti plants, thryallis, elephant ears and more.

6 of 10: Right side of house - ti plants, alocassias

7 of 10: 2 oaks in backyard.

8 of 10: back garden orchid, staghorn ferns, ric rac cactus, bromiliads, ginger and more.

9 of 10: Flower bed in back - newly planted queen palm, cooper leaf coming back after cold winter, cosmos, zinnias, plumbago...and more.

10 of 10: other side bed...cottage garden look.

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