Meditation Porch & Patio

cusoli in Hollywood, FL

This is an update to our Bali/Moroccan Back Yard.

Back Yard Garden Patio Pool Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Stone / Rock

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2 of 11: The curtains on the porch are just $20.00 painter's tarps from Home Depot.

3 of 11: Blue Sky Vine that I planted to grow on the fence.

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5 of 11: Statue is from Bali. We purchased it at an import store in Miami. It weighs a ton! A very difficult task to move it into the back yard and pour concrete to secure it.

6 of 11: My daughter wrote the poem for me about my garden. We stenciled it together on the wall.

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I just did the same curtains for my little porch in the courtyard.We moved from a country home into the city and created a beautiful little private courtyard in our condo home....Very different,but we love it here.

Those painters tarps are such a great idea for curtains. And for $20, if they get dirty from the just go by more. Wonderful idea....thanks for sharing!

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