Patio Tree Table

Dave Otto in Fort Thomas, KY

This is a table that I carved from a 100 year old water maple that we cut down because it had died. The tree is still in the ground in it's original
location in the middle of a fieldstone patio in the back of our house. Instead of removing the tree and its stump I decided to make a table out of it. The stools were purchased from a home improvement store made from wood from the rain forest in Brazil. I chainsawed the bark from the side of the tree and carved around the sides and made a footrest at the base of the tree. A friend of mine and I took the same type of wood as the stools and created the top and placed it on the top of the tree stump. The inside of the tree had around 4 inches of rot so I cemented a piece from a old flag pole to make the umbrella holder. I stained and put spar urethane on the table top and the sides of the tree. The entire project took around 100 hours not counting the removal of the tree itself which was around 38" in diameter and 40 feet tall. I faked the fieldstone patio look with a stained concrete mix, then I rolled plastis bags on top to get the look of the stone. A small putty knife was used to make the mortar joint look.


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what an awesome table. great job

It's a work of art. Absolutely amazing.

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