Gabion Lake yard

Connie Kelemen in Troy, MI

After a lot work we just almost finished. We have a beautiful backyard right on a beautiful lake. But our yard was 30 years old when we bought the place. We decided to change it dramatically. We had to find a lot of unusual solutions because of our very small budget but we found very nice and very different solutions. We hand carried with our two 18 year old boys two summer 70 tons of cobblestones in our backyard and built a wall of gabions. Behind that wall we filled it up with 45 yard of fill dirt also hand carried. But after all that hard work we think it turned out just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! What do you think???

Back Yard Hardscape Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Step by Step Project Stone / Rock

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Great job! It always means more to you when the final work is completed and you step back and admire what you have created. The boys will NEVER forget the work they did for you...they will NEVER LEAVE YOU FORGET. LOL

Wow that's a lot of rick! Great work-out for you and the boys! It looks great...well done!

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