Small Backyard Paradise in CA

Jason Garcia in Fullerton, CA

I am slowly creating a "tropical" theme to my backyard. I just added two orange birds of paradise plants, 6 solar tiki torches and 10 fast spreading "Supertunia's" from
I am looking for ideas on what types of plants I can add to my landscape to give it the tropical look. I will soon be adding some Polynesian wood decor.

Back Yard Before & After Flower Close-ups I Need Ideas! Help! Lawn Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Step by Step Project

1 of 3: This is my backyard in it's current state as of July 2011. As you can see, I planted Bubble Gum Supertunia's, added solar tiki torches and two orange birds of paradise plants. My next plan is to add some larger tropical plants such as banana plant or something similar.

2 of 3: This was my backyard in summer of 2010 before I planted petunia's, birds of paradise and added the solar tiki torches. For greening, I apply Ammonium Sulfate granules with my hand seed spreader.

3 of 3: Another shot of my backyard in summer of 2010 before I planted all the tropical plants.

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