Paradise Revisited

Randy and Phyllis in Grandview, MO

We started working on this yard about 5 years ago. It has been a work in progress. Every year we try to work on another part of the yard it was so awful and big and we hated sitting in the yard, we planted trees to give us the privacy. Then we started building decks and finally started planting flowers and setting up deck rooms it has been a wonderful place to spend our time in the Summer and with the glassed in room also now in the Winter- we escape to Paradise!


1 of 10: Picture from the 4th level (4 tiered deck) looking down on pool

2 of 10: Still up above at a different place

3 of 10: Here we are down below walking over our little bridge coming from the backyard to the pool

4 of 10: Evening at the pool ..peace!

5 of 10: Backyard deck room gives us a place to rest

6 of 10: Still above looking over the gazebo down to the little bridge

7 of 10: We decided to build a bridge over the pool to get to the other side of the yard

8 of 10: We built a deck over a large dip in the yard that was awful to mow and had no use, now we have a bathroom, a fire pit and to the left our glassed in 4 season room with heater and air conditioner.

9 of 10: up on the upper deck looking over to what is on the other side


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