country yard

this is my yard in the early summer. I have perennial boarders everywhere,and a field of lupine and a natural brook that runs through it.
here we are do it yourselfers.
I have many plants that I've bought and many I've traded,and a few existing ones that I have resurected. We've resided on this property for six years.

Back Yard Flower Close-ups Front Yard Garden Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Side Yard

1 of 4: this is the south side of the house,faceing the field pictured is purple babtisia and lupine. And in the foreground is a sand cherry

2 of 4: tther use to use.his is on the North side of the house and nearest to the road,also facing the feild. pitured are the birch and apple tree also a self sown oak, many flowers and an old scale my fa

3 of 4: this Iris is almost black from a distance

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I like the flowers near the home!

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