Side Walkway between house and field

I am not working on this as yet until we decide if we are going to make an addition on this side of the house. In this case we would close this side field to the horses and landscape it. I would then like to plant high hedges or something else to make it private from the neighbour and the road.

I Need Ideas! Help! Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Side Yard

1 of 9: My feeble attempt to start something....years ago I found these two little trees on sale so planted them here. I was thinking I would get some kind of archway trellis thing going and make a nice walkway....didn't happen!

2 of 9: South side of house. We own the field on the other side of the fence where I have a large garden fenced off and the rest is field with little grass. If we build an addition we will take down this fence and landscape the field area.

3 of 9: This is the field facing the road that I could close off and plant around the fence to make it private from road and neighbour. Right now the horses can go in here. Last year we put in a large garden but in the fall we put 3/4 of it in strawberries and raspberries to make it easier for me.

4 of 9: I was taking a picture of a Robin that wanted to break in! You can see the field where the big garden is.

5 of 9: This is facing south towards the neighbour. I would like to plant so I don't have to see the house. All of those trees need to be cut down as they are all falling on the fence

6 of 9: Looking towards south side of house. If that porch was torn off we could put an addition and open up this side field as a yard.

7 of 9: We are keeping this garden for berries and some squash.

8 of 9: south side of house and barn in the background

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