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Our new front yard consists of pine trees, rocks and something that eventually turned green and resembles grass. We do live "in the woods" so we aren't looking to have a perfectly manicured front yard. We do however want to create a warm and welcoming entrance to our home. Here's our journey.

Curb Appeal Driveway Front Yard Huge (Half Acre Plus ) Lawn Step by Step Project

1 of 8: March 2012 this is our front yard from our house. EEEKKK!!!

2 of 8: March 2012 this is your view apon turning into our drive..not welcoming.

3 of 8: The front of our house had young evergreen bushes. We added a couple of hydrangea. Blue Cassel, the first bloomed with beautiful HUGE lace cap in purple and fading to blue/green. The second bloomed magenta, which I loathe, so we are playing with the ph to try and adjust that color.

4 of 8: July 2012 Eventually our "grass" turned a nice shade of green. My husband is on grass duty and I am on flower/garden duty.

5 of 8: We moved large stones to each side of the end of our drive and threw a couple of hosta from our back yard to create a bit of free appeal.

6 of 8: Left side garden is filled with hosta. My plan is to make this my daisey garden and have it filled with a sea of white 3 seasons. I've already started with a few hand-me-down plants.

7 of 8: Front of the house is filled with young shrubs. The only plan here is to watch them grow and add a bit of color with hydrangea.

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What a lovely transformation!

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