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This is one of my favorite yards to upkeep. The owner has several beds of colorful flowers lining a neatly kept green pad. The flowers occupy a space between the grass and a small, narrow pond. All of this makes the yard seem much bigger than it actually is. The owner used to keep koi in the pond. But I guess the Oklahoma winters got to them, now she just restocks the pond with goldfish. Brandy <a href="http://www.oconnorslawn.com">OConnors Lawn</a>

Before & After Curb Appeal Front Yard Pond Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.)

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I love when people put little ponds or water in the yard, it's so classy! The place looks great and I hope that I can make my yard look that good eventually. I a little ways off, but when <a href="http://www.konalandscape.com">landscape design phoenix</a> is there to help problem I feel a little better. Keep up the good work and have fun with the yard! :) http://www.konalandscape.com/landscaping/services/backyard-waterfalls/default.aspx

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