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This yard is slowly changing. We replaced the very old grape stake fencing with vinyl. Soon we will be planting curving flower beds to hide most of the white walls. We removed tons of ivy and have planted two chinese elms and one sycamore tree. One particular day, my wonderful husband brought home some old slate that he had to tear out of someones house, in order to install hardwood floors. That is what you see here as our walkway. There are some high areas that need to be fixed, however I didn't want to take too much time preparing the path. So I just walked it and placed them down one after another. It took me one day to create the path. Now I'll work on my planting beds. Choosing plants is the difficult part for me.

Back Yard Firepit Garden Huge (Half Acre Plus ) Lawn Path / Walkway

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Love, love, love the stone walkway.

I love Snow White and the seven dwarfs!

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