Our little piece of Paradise

Karen Vasquez in Piqua, OH

We did a patio makeover after a limb ruined our previous patio. We did a flagstone patio outback and did a makeover on our covered patio.We built this ourselves. We recycled the gravel from the covered patio for the base for our flagstone patio. The wood flooring we reused as paneling for the covered patio which we stained with a walnut stain. Added features were a retaining wall for the flagstone patio. New pavers were laid for the covered patio. Added feature to that was a chiminea, entertainment center and small bar area

Back Yard Covered Patio Flower Close-ups Patio Stone / Rock

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Hi Karen,
I live in Sunbury,Ohio.Your place is lovely.It looks like a great place to entertain...ENJOY,Sandy

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