Carmelita's Haven

millet in Middletown, NY

Small yard and an avid gardiner.

Flower Close-ups Garden Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Side Yard

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Mattemma 4 years ago

I love your foundation plantings. Have you tried growing anything up the chainlink? On mine I have grown morning glory,cucumbers,birdhouse gourds,and clematis.

Coastal Gardener 6 years ago

Glad to hear you are into composting, too. Interestingly, I also "spot" composted when my garden was just beginning. Now the plants are growing much closer together and there's no room to dig a composting hole next to them, so my husband built me a wonderful compost bin on the rear corner of our property. I use it constantly and topdress my gardens each year with the "black gold" it produces.

Lark 6 years ago

Thank you so much for strolling my gardens and your kind comments. I see you have some of my favorite perennials: yarrow, peonies and hostas. Don't you just love having a garden so you can have cut flowers any time? Where are you located? How long have you been gardenigs?

john 6 years ago

Millet I love the border planting along the side of your house. Great color,texture and diversity. I really like how the shrubs lead your eyes. Great against the white background of the house.

LLH 6 years ago

Love all the colors and height variations. You must have a wonderfully green thumb - your pots a so full and healhy!

Maddie 6 years ago

I enjoyed your lovely, beautiful garden yesterday, sorry I didn't wrote a comment, but thanks for looking at my little paradise. You must be a great person, because it refelaxes in the way you created your outsdoors with flowers and plants, keep going!

Karen W 6 years ago

your flowers are very pretty and look very healthy, nwould like to see more then just flowers, though

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