Compass Garden

Lari Pett in Milwaukee, WI

We turned our front lawn into a Compass Garden. We fenced in the yard after we removed the sod (by hand) then created the compass garden. It's quite unique for our neighborhood of mostly lawns. We also built raised planters in the street access. And our property is entirely grass free. We love it. We have been nominated for a neighborhood beautification award the past two years. That's quite an honor.

Before & After Fence Flower Close-ups Front Yard Garden Hardscape Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Stone / Rock

1 of 15: 2011

2 of 15: Street Access planters 2011

3 of 15: From across the street. Fall 2011

4 of 15: Compass Fall 2011

5 of 15: spring 2012

6 of 15: 2010 Before lawn removal and Fence installation.

7 of 15: A view from the side yard.

8 of 15: A view from the front porch.

9 of 15: View from the front gate.

10 of 15: Mid June, the flowers are growing.

11 of 15: We have been nominated for a neighborhood beautification award.

12 of 15: The compass has filled in nicely.

13 of 15: View from sidewalk.

14 of 15: 2010

15 of 15: First year 2010. Full Bloom.

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