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Sarah Baranoff in Chicago, IL

I work at a public high school in Chicago. We don't have a football field, or a track, or a baseball diamond. Instead, the green space behind our building is a garden. Let me take you on a little tour.

Community Garden Flower Close-ups Fun for Kids Garden Water-Wise

1 of 28: The garden starts blooming in April, with these daffodils. I love the unusual colors.

2 of 28: One of the best elements of this garden is that it has a variety of micro-environments. These flowers are growing in a rocky, sculptural area and provide early spring interest.

3 of 28: This groundcover is also part of the rocky area of the garden and blooms in April.

4 of 28: Grape hyacinth is the third type of flower that blooms early in the rocky garden landscape.

5 of 28: The vegetable beds are one of the newer additions to the garden. We're growing various lettuces, strawberries, rhubarb, tomatos, etc.

6 of 28: Strawberry flowers.

7 of 28: Peas, just ready to be picked.

8 of 28: We also have a couple mulberry trees.

9 of 28: The smaller of the two apple trees.

10 of 28: Another part of the garden is planted with native prarie plants, which is water-wise, easy to care for, and provides a habitat for a variety of birds, bees, and butterflies.

11 of 28: Black-eyed Susan, part of the prarie-scape.

12 of 28: These are also part of the prarie-scape.

13 of 28: Another bit of the prarie-scape.

14 of 28: The garden has plenty of open space for students to run and play.

15 of 28: And it's anchored by a few huge trees, including this oak, possibly a Swamp White Oak.

16 of 28: This is the memorial for our former principal, Nancy Apke, who passed away earlier this school year.

17 of 28: The outdoor classroom, looking down from the little rock-garden area.

18 of 28: Looking toward the garden from the outdoor classroom seating area.

19 of 28: Yarrow in the outdoor classroom.

20 of 28: Day-lily from the outdoor classroom.

21 of 28: More flowers from the outdoor classroom.

22 of 28: Roses in the outdoor classroom.

23 of 28: Day-lilies on the border of the garden along the fence.

24 of 28: Flower in the butterfly garden.

25 of 28: Trumpet Vine, also called Hummingbird Vine, getting in the act, climbing the light pole in the parking lot.

26 of 28: A closer look at the flowers on the light pole in the parking lot.

27 of 28: A squirrel enjoying the garden.

28 of 28: Robin with food.

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I'm glad you like the garden. We're not quite to 100% yet, but we're not doing too badly either.

your atendance most be at 100% . Great job

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