New house needs curb appeal

stacy carpenter in Russell, KY

We bought this house a few months ago. We have done a few things..such as changing out the porch light, adding some landscaping lights, putting in new, darker mulch. We added a bed around the mailbox and the small curved bed in front of the porch. The colors on the house is what it came with and I am not sure how to make them work together...or to change colors all together. The roof is a green metal roof. Ideas??

Front Yard I Need Ideas! Help! Lighting Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.)

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Hi Stacy. We've provided a few ideas for your front yard in the most recent Yard Ideas article. Take a look...we hope it helps. Anyone else have ideas for Stacy's front yard?

Tie the green in my painting the front door and the concrete block below the front porch the same shade of green. Then, when you think about landscaping, use brighter greens, reds, and yellows that will "pop" against that dark green shade.

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