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heidi in Janesville, WI

Long narrow yard with river in background. Our fourth summer here and working with a tight budget. Greenhouse in use only in spring and came from our old house. Fences and arbor were put up to create an enclosed area for flowers and to help keep the deer out. They love to eat new trees.

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1 of 28: Early summer

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3 of 28: late spring flowers

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8 of 28: spring 2010

9 of 28: my flea market frog

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12 of 28: This planter is below our deck and under one of the humming bird feeders. It came with our house and is a handwashing sink from an old factory. Woulld like to put it somewhere else but it is heavy. My husband cringes when I talk about moving it.

13 of 28: Feverview is huge this year.

14 of 28: Clematis finally learning to climb the tree.

15 of 28: Indigo Bunting looking at himself in the mirror. He hung out around the mirror for about 2 weeks!

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17 of 28: geese headed back to the river

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I love the fencing and the flowers.

I loved my walk through your gardens. The iron arbor and fences add a lot of character. Lush and overplanted...just my style. LOL

I love how lush and full your flower beds are. Beautiful.

your garden is the bomb.

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