Oasis in the Desert

Bill & Jeri Barry in Palm Springs, CA

We changed a "builder provided" front yard into an oasis in the desert. Drought tolerant plants, gravel, rock and a bit of artificial turf makes it eco-friendly with a low water requirement.

Front Yard Garden Hardscape Lighting Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Stone / Rock Water-Wise

1 of 10: Our new front yard at twilight.

2 of 10: This is what our yard used to look like.

3 of 10: Our project includes sculptured mounds of gravel and rock, a variety of cacti, colorful bougainvilla and a bit of artificial turf.

4 of 10: The new walkway provides access to the front porch directly from the sidewalk ... no more squeezing-by cars parked in the driveway to get to the house!

5 of 10: Looking from our porch, down the new walkway, towards Mount San Jacinto.

6 of 10: Mounds of gravel/rock, topped with strategically placed drought tolerant plants are placed throughout the yard. The height of the mounds adds dimension and interest.

7 of 10: A single piece of 12' x 15' artificial turf was split and used in two locations ... it's expensive so we used every inch that we bought and installed it ourselves. Our neighbors have to touch it to be convinced that it's not the real thing!

8 of 10: A metal sculpture of a roadrunner was our inspiration. Rocky has a place of honor in the front corner of the yard, on his very own mound.

9 of 10: The left side of the driveway got a similar treatment to the main yard ... a sculptured gravel/rock mound, a variety or cacti, and a half-buried clay pot with colorful lantana flowing from it's mouth.

10 of 10: We hope that we inspire others in our desert community to convert to a water-sensitive desert scape.

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Your front yard is so beautiful. What type of rock is this? It’s exactly what I’m looking for.

We used a company called "Easy Turf," which may (or may not) be available where you live. Our suggestion is to buy the VERY BEST quality (which will probably also be the most extensive) in your local area. That's what we did. We bought the amount that we could afford and used every inch of it. Some of our neighbors cheaped-out on their artificial turf and the result was a skimpy looking lawn that tends to look bluish. Good luck!

I love your yard. We are officially only allowed to water on days that they pick up our recycling. That is every two weeks. We have been in drought conditions for the past several years. Our lawn is only green now because of the weeds. I have tried to talk my husband into something like what you have done with your yard. He is finally on board. Can you please tell me where you ordered your artificial turf? thanks

You've done a terrific job. It looks beautiful.

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