Pickles Peaceful Place

ampicklz in Vale, NC

Our yard started out with nothing planted in it 10 years ago. Planting and growing things has become our hobby and we get so much pleasure from it and satisfaction as it becomes more beautiful each year. Nothin professional about it, just country gardeners planting plants we enjoy and sharing them with friends.

Front Yard Garden Huge (Half Acre Plus ) Water Fountain

1 of 11: Butterflies swarm to our flower beds....such a peaceful setting.

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3 of 11: Irises after a refreshing rain.

4 of 11: One of our rock gardens.

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7 of 11: Prize Bonfire Patio Peach-grown from seed.

8 of 11: Butterflies feasting on Tithonia.

9 of 11: Gotta love sedum.....

10 of 11: Another view of the rock garden.

11 of 11: Firethorn cherry tree

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