cornelia9000 in Swarthmore, PA

A medium sized suburban backyard surrounded by invasive bamboo and a crappy old wood fence. We just moved in and it is time for a fix up! A large screened porch and shady deck divide the yard. We have part sun, part shade. We also have groundhogs, rabbits, deer, and foxes!

Back Yard Fun for Kids Garden General Garden I Need Ideas! Help! Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.)

1 of 21: BEFORE: Some flowers coming up this spring - I'm excited to see what is in there!

2 of 21: BEFORE: These tulips are cute, but do a poor job of hiding the big green sewage pump in the flower bed...Maybe an evergreen would work a little better...

3 of 21: BEFORE: these ferns should be good (at least for now)

4 of 21: BEFORE: the old fence needs to go!

5 of 21: BEFORE: A bunch of trash along the fence

6 of 21: BEFORE: The back deck. Needs some color. Maybe some shade planters? A table? A grill?

7 of 21: BEFORE

8 of 21: BEFORE: a nice round lawn circle where the previous owners kept their trampoline

9 of 21: BEFORE: What a lovely sewage pump and wacky downspout

10 of 21: BEFORE: The kid swing may come in handy. i think we'll leave it there for now.

11 of 21: BEFORE

12 of 21: BEFORE

13 of 21: BEFORE

14 of 21: BEFORE: the neighbors garage and a weedy bed

15 of 21: BEFORE: A quaint brick path leading out to the front

16 of 21: BEFORE: our fence posts covered in ivy and surrounded by bamboo

17 of 21: BEFORE: the screened porch that bisects the yard dividing it into sunny and shady sides.

18 of 21: BEFORE

19 of 21: BEFORE: I need to get rid of this bamboo before it takes over

20 of 21: BEFORE: We have a grand old oak tree beside the deck, but the dry shade will limit our plant selections.

21 of 21: BEFORE: this old fence

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