renees yard

renee in Crandall, TX

i love my garden

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1 of 12: my house is 105 yrs. old....

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3 of 12: this is a deck we added coming out of the kitchen

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5 of 12: gate to the back yard

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8 of 12: vine taking over

9 of 12: some old windows

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12 of 12: so pretty in bloom

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nfolse 4 years ago

I too have an old 100+ home on an extremely large corner lot... your photos have inspire me

Joy 2 4 years ago

Do you have any iced tea? I love your garden too! Very welcoming!

Lynn 5 years ago

Your house and yard are GREAT! What part of
Texas is this? Seeing your yard made me miss Texas all that much more. Thanks for sharing. Lynn

Deronda 7 years ago

What a beautiful home and yard you have. I made one of those clay pots on a rod and put a birdhouse on top of mine but it keeps falling of so gonna try something else this next spring. You have a lot of good Ideas for the yard. I'm going to make stepping stones and birdhouses this winter. I made a few past winter and they turned out good. But my birdhouse are falling apart in weather so gonna add tin roofs. I would like to make three room house. Anyway looks great,beautiful.

Lark 7 years ago

I enjoyed my walk through your gardens. What is the bush in #11 and what zone is it? Beautiful cottage garden.

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