Marshmallow Paradise

Every time I went to the beach, I brought home a rock. Imagine what you can build! This is my rookie fireplace. There was a very small fireplace (4X6) that I had to jackhammer. This fireplace is 12 feet wide. I installed 2 rods at the top of the firebox so I could hang 4 chains from it, to hang a rack on for BBQ purposes.

Back Yard Fireplace Fun for Kids Patio Step by Step Project Stone / Rock

1 of 7: Had to make chimney higher because fire would shoot out the top. Still have to clean rocks to bring out the color.

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6 of 7: Grill to cook steaks.

7 of 7: New patio furniture! What do you think?

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very cool


this is the most beautiful fireplace ever!!!! your family is very lucky!

Awsome.....I know you enjoy it. Great Job


This is just perfect. Congrats on being a featured yard. Amazing.....enjoy it.


That is an incredible amount of hard work. Terrific result.

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