formal organic shell garden

shell garden with ilex schilling. This areea was grass originally, I added fencing and had my partner build raised block beds to complement the 70s modernist feel of the house. I use vinegar salt and dish liquid for weedkiller.

Back Yard Lighting Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Path / Walkway Patio Sunroom Water Fountain

1 of 4: Formal organic tropical low maintenance salt tolerant seaside garden

2 of 4: private fencing tropical oasis florida organic low maintenance formal garden

3 of 4: private, seating, area, low maintenance, fencing, tropical, organic, garden,

4 of 4: I move the white oleander so that I can see through to the whole garden. (opoops I left the hose there)

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Need to trim this yesterday.

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