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Corner lot with much needed privacy (in which we added). But I need ideas on where to put trees. The four oak trees in the back are dying (one has died already). And I want to put in different kind of trees. I would also like some more garden areas but aren't sure where to put them.

Back Yard Garden I Need Ideas! Help! Lawn Lighting Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.)

1 of 11: To the right is the road, we have 17 leyland cypress' on the other side of the fence but it will take a couple years for them to have any effect.

2 of 11: Looking towards side yard (next to street)

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4 of 11: Back of house with small patio, we want to do a covered patio or pergola at some point, just debating if we want to expand the patio or not.

5 of 11: Weeping willow, some roses and the stupid AC unit's (they used to be directly next to the patio - we moved them)

6 of 11: Back line is some holly's and wax myrtle's

7 of 11: The tree that died (after we cut the top off)

8 of 11: As you can tell, the oak tree doesn't have many leaves, would like to put something else there (not exactly in the same spot), not sure what.

9 of 11: What the corner garden used to look like.

10 of 11: What it looks like now, I planted some canna lilly bulbs and forgot about it :)

11 of 11: The Cleveland pear tree in the corner, unfortunately it has fire blight. I think I am going to replace it with a cherry plum ornamental tree.

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