just plain blah!!!!!

andrea harris in Radom, IL

1/2 acre of nothing!!

Back Yard Deck I Need Ideas! Help! Very Large (10,000 sq ft - Half Acre)

1 of 1: someone help! just 2 adults and a lab now. looking for something relaxing and shady

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s.palisoc 3 years ago

There are the gazebos, for about $800.00 or so at Lowes. I think it would look perfect right in the middle. You can put potted plants around it, here and there and hanging plants. Try some snowbushes against the fence.

andrea harris 4 years ago

Believe it or not, that is a chicken coop!! We store our lawn and garden things in it!!!! And thanks for the great ideas!

Mattemma 4 years ago

That white shed would make a great chicken coop!
I would break up the yard with ornamental grasses,corkscrew willow,and other similar tall plants.Make living walls and create your *rooms*. You could do some of the following: a play area,garden,pool,or fire pit among other things.Have fun!

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