just plain blah!!!!!

andrea harris in Radom, IL

1/2 acre of nothing!!

Back Yard Deck I Need Ideas! Help! Very Large (10,000 sq ft - Half Acre)

1 of 1: someone help! just 2 adults and a lab now. looking for something relaxing and shady

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There are the gazebos, for about $800.00 or so at Lowes. I think it would look perfect right in the middle. You can put potted plants around it, here and there and hanging plants. Try some snowbushes against the fence.

Believe it or not, that is a chicken coop!! We store our lawn and garden things in it!!!! And thanks for the great ideas!

That white shed would make a great chicken coop!
I would break up the yard with ornamental grasses,corkscrew willow,and other similar tall plants.Make living walls and create your *rooms*. You could do some of the following: a play area,garden,pool,or fire pit among other things.Have fun!

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