Small Space - Low Maintenance

Becky Gregory in Graham, WA

This is the back yard of a home that will probably become a rental property.
The existing patio was several inches higher than all the ground around it. The challenge was to add additional patio space and blend the two together.
Plants are yet to be added in the upper bed and the awning posts still need to be wrapped to match the house.

Back Yard Patio Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.)

1 of 3: This is still a work in progress but no more mud and no more weeds. Renters will not have to mow, either. Rainbow Rock tied the two different patio materials together.

2 of 3: This is how the builders of the home left the back yard. We extended one side of the patio ourselves, then called in a landscape company to finish the rest.

3 of 3: Since this picture was taken a fence has been added between us and the neighboring property.

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a big difference,looks like your doing a good job, be sure to add more pictures as you continue

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