Paramus shoolyard habitat

This is a water feature we created at a school in Paramus NJ. It measures 10 x 14' x 2' deep. As part of our commitment to helping the communities we serve we offer schools a discount on water features. This is to create natural wildlife habitats and eco-systems so that our children can learn the importance of taking care of our environment to protect the future of our planet.
While Premium Aquascapes serves Northern NJ we do have other qualified contractors across the country who participate in school yard habitat programs. If you feel your school would be interested in a waterfeature please contact us an if you are out of our service area we will provide you with a qualified contractor in your area. Grant money is available through many sources for these projects as well. Premium Aquascapes has installed a number of these features at schools through out our service area.

Fun for Kids Pond Water Feature Waterfall

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This is a great idea and a great way for our children to learn


Great idea but my concern is the safty for the children!!

Premium Aquascapes

There is very limited safety concerns for a number of reasons; n1 - Children actually do listen when safety procedures/rules are explained to them. The children value these features and it is explained that if safety rules/procedures are not followed by a student they will lose the privilege of working with the pond. n2 - These habitats are being installed within courtyards at the schools - an area students can not easily access without teachers. And as you can see in the picture classroom win

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