tropical in california

dreamer in Red Bluff, CA

on the Sacramento River with lots of wildlife we are trying for a tropical feeling so we feel we are on vacation all the time. my husband did 99% of the work, created the tiki bar and did all the tile work. we hope to finish the landscape this coming year.

Back Yard Covered Patio Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Outdoor Kitchen Patio Water Fountain

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Very nice and impressive. Where on the sacramento River are you? I posetd our pool which has a view of Folsom Lake.


Very nicely done.

I believe you succeeded with your tropical feeling. I love the tile and the tiki bar and the outdoor kitchen. The fountain is pretty cool too. And your view is just wonderful. Great job, be sure to add more pix as you finish the landscape

I would love to be there. Awsome place

You have created a wonderful area for family and friends. I love all the tile work. That fawn is sooooooo darling. Do you get alot of deer damage? Outstanding job!

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