Steep-n-Rocky in Spring Valley, CA

Very steep and rocky on a hillside

Back Yard Desert Garden Front Yard Garden Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Stone / Rock Water-Wise

1 of 30: The hillside with Aloe arborescens and tree Aloe excelsas.

2 of 30: Another angle of the same hillside looking up towards the house.

3 of 30: Looking off a balcony down onto the older section of the yard just below the house.

4 of 30: Two Aloe marlothii v. spectabilis in bloom with a large Euphorbia ammak in the back and some Senecios.

5 of 30: View down the path in the older section of the yard, just below the house.

6 of 30: Yellow Leucospermums in bloom. I have an orange one further up the path but because it is in a slightly shaded spot, it doesn't bloom as well.

7 of 30: Calliandra californica and Agave attenuata on the cul-de-sac.

8 of 30: A Senecio vine growing amongst an Aloe arborescens on the cul-de-sac. The was taken when it was cold, cloudy, and sprinkling.

9 of 30: At the bottom of the old part of the yard, at the end of the path, I took this image looking down towards the newer, underdeveloped part of the yard.

10 of 30: My house & yard as seen along the cul-de-sac. I can see all the way to the ocean and the Coronado Islands further out.

11 of 30: Looking up at the older part of the yard and the old mulch pile. I recouped about 200 sq. ft. of additonal flat land up there by piling clippings, cuttings, vegetable matter from the house, old potting soil and other miscellaneous earth for 25 years.

12 of 30: Along the old path on a misty day.

13 of 30: Senecios, Euphorbia ammak, and aloes.

14 of 30: A weeping form of the Silver Dollar Eucalyptus. I have a couple of regular, straight ones right next to it.

15 of 30: A closeup of an Agave americana with the hillside as a backdrop.

16 of 30: View towards the house with aloes blooming.

17 of 30: Yucca rostrata in front, Agave americana in back.

18 of 30

19 of 30: Looking up the pathway along the side of the house towards the fountain at the top.

20 of 30: The sitting area between the house and the garage, looking toward the fountain.

21 of 30: Aloe ferox in the front and a Cereus cactus in the back.

22 of 30: Aloe speciosa.

23 of 30: Hylocereus undatus in bloom (Dragon fruit vine).

24 of 30: Puya venusta blooming.

25 of 30: Plumeria blooming.

26 of 30: Oreocereus celsianus blooming.

27 of 30: Puya blooming.

28 of 30: Aloe reitzii blooming.

29 of 30: At the bottom of the yard, in a transitional area between the old section of the yard and the new section which I'm still working on. I hung a hammock between two pepper trees (Schinus molle). There's a couple of Adirondack-style chairs there too.

30 of 30: Aloes and salvias along the cul-de-sac.

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fontalu 3 years ago

You know you completely rock, right?

Lady Mondegreen 4 years ago

Gorgeous!!! What a lush landscape! How big were those columnar cacti when you planted them, and how long ago did you plant them? How many sq ft are we looking at here? Wow--absolutely spectacular. Thank you for the inspiration.

Coastal Gardener 4 years ago

I'd like to congratulate you, too, on reaching this mark! Even though we've been competitors in the contest, I gave you my vote because it's obvious the amount of work you've done to bring your yard to this level. Well done!

Bryan 4 years ago

Congratulations on another amazing have overtaken my yard (the one that inspired YardShare and was the first yard on the site) as the Most Viewed yard on YardShare!!!! 10,400 views and counting! Keep up the good work and thanks so much for sharing your yard with all of us. Your yard truly is inspirational.

James Ryan 4 years ago

I've been watching this contest with great interest, but I'm dismayed to see that someone who has not posted any photos of her yard has moved ahead of you. Something is definitely wrong here! You have obviously put a lot of effort into beautifying your yard and from the comments I see posted here, I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Fox Gardens ALASKA 4 years ago

thank you for sharing. Does it ever freeze there? I never knew therewere so many different cacti. Are they long livers?

Bryan 4 years ago

That's too bad. Some forums are hyper-sensitive to posting links to outside sites and automatically assume you are advertising for that site. I guess they don't understand that YardShare is simply a place for your virtual yard to live. Their loss!

Sarah Baranoff 4 years ago

This is wonderful! I'm inspired now to add some vertical elements to my flat patch of grass and try to create some more visual interest with strong shapes in the way you have.

cusoli 4 years ago

Hi Steep-n-Rocky,

I saw that you added some more pics and I really took the time to look through your post. Your pictures are just magnificent! I am going to add you to my favorites and when I have a little more time, I would like to ask some questions about some of your plants, if you would not mind. I believe California and Florida have a bit of a similar climate (maybe) so possibly some of the plants you have would do well here.

-Your friendly rival, Cusoli

Geraldine Dean 4 years ago

Woww....,what an amazing accomplishment ! You took on a very difficult terrain and with your love for gardening, turned it into a lush and enviting private retreat, that rivals any resort I've ever seen !

Donna F. 4 years ago

This is incredible - I can not believe it - all the textures, the layers the mass plantings !!!! You SHOULD be featured on Gardeners Diary on HGTV or some show - sometimes its like looking under the sea - but I know its dry land - LOVED every picture. I bet you have the sore body and hurt hands and feet to show for it too! I just cant believe what you have accomplished. I want to take my yard off now - looks awful boring compared to this.

Coastal Gardener 6 years ago

Was this yard established when you moved in or did you do all the planting? (Must have been quite a task if you were the one who worked on those steep slopes!) I live near the ocean, too, but up in the cold Northeast where none of your beautiful plants would survive. Doesn't mean that I can't enjoy yours! It's fun seeing how different gardens are across the country.

Renee 6 years ago

Your garden is a work of art. I'm adding this to my Favorites page so I can visit it whenever I need a lift. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Lark 6 years ago

This is sooooooooo pretty. Is this your personal garden and where are you located? Zone?

Lark 6 years ago

I can't imagine weeding this kind of garden. Did you ever get stuck by a quill? I bet you get a lot of hummingbirds. I have a few succulents in pots. I am in Wisconsin so I have to bring them all in the house for our LONG Winter.

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