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The client requested that we renovate an existing cement waterfeature on their property. Low maintenance was a must. So we designed a feature that contains 95' of stream with a total of 15' in elevation changes, a 6 x 8 pond at the base of the main falls flows into a 8' x 16' pond, then under a natural stone bridge another 35' to the 35' 40' x 3.5' main pond which then overflows into a negative edge wetlands filtration system designed to hold 3,000 additional gallons of water. We installed to Tsurumi pumps generating a flow reat of 8,200 gallons per hour over the main waterfall. We also incorperated 4' x 5' flat feeding rocks along the edge of the main pond so that the clients can interact with their new finned friends. This feature holds approximately 25,400 gallons of water. It took approximately 132 Tons of Rock, 23 tons of Riverstone Gravel and has over 90 perennial Aquatic Plants. This project was completed in 9 working days with a crew of 7 men - despite the 4" of rainfall we had as soon as we started the project.
The landscape contractor who recommended us to the client has placed mulch around the feature and in the early spring of 2009 complete the landscape plantings.

Back Yard Before & After Fun for Kids Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Step by Step Project Water Feature

1 of 11: Main pond area before

2 of 11: Shaping out the wetlands filtration area

3 of 11: Main falls being created

4 of 11: This is the waterfall leading from the 6 x 8 pond into the 8 x 16 pond being created

5 of 11: 'Rocking' the main pond. If you look closly you can see 2 of the fish cave entrances.

6 of 11: Getting there is all the fun

7 of 11: Looking up stream from the wetlands area to the main pond.

8 of 11: Looking upstream from the main pond. The white paint marks are where the landscape contractor will be placing the stepping stones we specified.

9 of 11: Natural stone bridge

10 of 11: Looking upstream from the 8 x 16 pond to the 6 x 8 pond. And yes the branch is part of the waterfall. The way I set it it actually 'dances' from the water flow bouncing off the tips of the branch.

11 of 11: Looking downstream from the main falls

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You do incredible work. I'm glad you put pictures in that show the whole process. I love how natural this really blends in.

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