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smash in Palo Alto, CA

I modified my Oklahoma Joe offset firebox smoker. I added a 15" (w) x 18" (d) x 36" (h) vertical tower on the right side. This triples my surface area; I'll be able to do, for example, 5 turkeys. (Not that I ever expect to.)
This is my first welding project since I took a class at The Crucible in Oakland, CA.

1 of 14: The original unmodified smoker

2 of 14: Cutting the hole to the smoker

3 of 14: Trial mount of the side panel. I decided to bolt (rather than weld) the two together to make it easier to transport or change.

4 of 14: Assembling the side panel. The 1/4 inch angle iron is the shelf rail, and the 1 inch angle iron joins the sides.

5 of 14: Components

6 of 14: I weld on the shelf rails

7 of 14: Rick fixes my crappy welds

8 of 14: A box!

9 of 14: Plasma cutting the smoke hole.

10 of 14: The assembled unit

11 of 14: With decorations. (I built the chile pepper in the Crucible welding class.)

12 of 14: Masked for painting

13 of 14: Painted! I will let the stars rust, then seal them.

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