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Lark in Dousman, WI

In Wisconsin zone 4/5 there is not too much blooming. You have to understand we get very excited with the first signs of Spring. Daffodils blooming, birds are singing and the SNOW has FINALLY melted. I am now in the gardens around 8 hours daily. This is FUN for me, I am newly retired and enjoying my hobby. I hope you enjoy your stroll through my yard. Come and check out my website. If you enjoy gardening join in on my forum www.larksperennials.com

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3 of 13: Native wildflower, Dutchman's Breeches

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6 of 13: How can you resist these CHEERY faces??

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8 of 13: tete daffodils

9 of 13: Varigated Brunnera

10 of 13: SPRING IS AWESOME...Finally

11 of 13: crocus This year the bunnies did not eat them. I think the fox got the bunny.

12 of 13: In between the daffodils are my BLUE bowling balls that I use as edging. They stay in place quite nicely, even with my Grandkids trying to roll them. LOL

13 of 13: Scillas are such a beautiful BLUE in the early Spring garden. They really multiple fast.

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