Meditation Area

Ann 2 in Monroeville, AL

Island bed containing Cutleaf Japanese Maple surrounded by Yellow Stella D'Oro daylilies. Other plantings include Red Waxleaf Begonia, Yellow Lantana, Zebragrass, Orange flowering Cannas, Yellow Coreopsis, Dusty Miller, and Lirope. A paver and white gravel path leads from back corner of house to backyard in front of covered patio. At some point, I would love to have an open patio constructed, which will adjoin the covered patio and form a semicircle in the backyard, surrounded by flowers and foliage, of course!

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1 of 14: Closeup of bed at entrance to backyard

2 of 14: Closeup of large Dusty Miller. This one has survived 3 winters without dying back. I trim the blooms off to promote new foliage growth.

3 of 14: Closeup of paver walkway

4 of 14: View from hill beside house

5 of 14: Closeup of Red Trumpet Honeysuckle just beginning to bloom. This was planted 4 years ago and covered whole trellis area until I cut it back this spring.

6 of 14: Aged copper fountain among Cannas, Dusty Miller, and Lirope

7 of 14: Walkway and bed as viewed from backyard

8 of 14: Meditation bench surrounded by Red Waxleaf Begonia, Yellow Coreopsis and Lantana, and Japanese Maple

9 of 14: The different color variations of Japanese Maple foliage during the spring

10 of 14: View facing west end of patio

11 of 14: View from entrance into backyard

12 of 14: Japanese Maple with Zebra Grass and Dusty Miller in the background

13 of 14: Japanese Maple surrounded by Stella D'Oro daylilies in full bloom

14 of 14: Closeup of Stella D Oro daylily

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