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Lark in Dousman, WI

For budget minded advice on gardening This is my website forum on vegetable & flower gardening. Years ago I use to spend about $100.00 on annuals for this front sidewalk garden. Now I have finally found a PERENNIAL combination that will give me color from April until October. I will be adding marigolds and aguratums that I seeded. Total price on the front sidewalk garden, $3.99.

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2 of 5: Coral Bell, Purple Palace and Allysm, Basket of Gold

3 of 5: Bush, Diablo

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5 of 5: What I am trying to do with these planting is use more PERENNIALS. The expense of buying annuals every year and all the planting was getting to be too much work and money for me.

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Your gardens are lovely.I enjoy looking at your photo's so much.I can't wait for spring to come.I am in a cast for 6 more weeks,it's been 4 already,I broke my ankle .I slipped on the ice while putting my chickens in the coop Dec 19th.It's pure enjoyment seeing your beautiful landscaping.Please post more....Thank you, Sandy

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