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Andrew Pelz in Bessemer, PA

in need of ideas!

Front Yard I Need Ideas! Help!

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Cute place! Landscaping could be expensive. To start you should consider laying out the beds (that can change but get yourself and idea 1st). Draw it on paper, or spray with a can of orange paint once you know how you'd like to see it. Keep a pic of your home with you when you're looking. For me, evergreens should always be the basis for your landscaping; Then, add your flowering plants, stone, etc. Keep an eye out for some colorful evergreens shrubs such as lorepelum (flowering evergreen - al

Well, an easy start might be to clean up to edge of the driveway with some edging material and continue that over beside the steps to create a flower bed. I don't know how ambitious you are feeling, or budget, etc., but, you could create a small flower bed there and I would curve it out and around the corner of the porch some. I would put something with some height at the corner. It would also be great if you could add a little more substantial steps if budget allowed.

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