water feature

Sam(Sandy) in Sunbury, OH

1/2 acre pond in the country stocked with fish .Small sandy beach ,dock with slide for grandkids.depth,15ft at deepest....

Fun for Kids Huge (Half Acre Plus ) Other Yard Pond Water Feature

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Thank you Landon.So far the only pests we have had are snapping turtles.We had an old guy come and trap them,he eats them...hehe They were really big and were eating all the frogs and tadpoles....We just saw another one the other day.It was a whopper.Have to call Turtle man again....

Looks like your in heaven. It's such a beautiful yard. My buddy had a pond that was quickly overrun by muskrats, he ended up having to call pest control to get rid of them. Keep an eye out. http://www.cranbrookpestcontrol.com

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