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David Morgan Bracey Building's profile

David Morgan Bracey Building
Location: Margate,FLFL
About Me:

WE ARE COMPLETELY DEDICATED TO QUALITY, SAFETY, and VALUE, making your next project a guaranteed success. You can trust our promise to use superior design, time-proven techniques, and safe construction practices. We serve you better, by devoting the personal attention found in a smaller construction company, yet bring the experience, resources, and professionalism of a larger project management firm. Let us show you how we do it best, on your next project, and every project.

Gazebo on Lake Margate

Owner: David
Location: Margate
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Our pagoda top survived hurricane Wilma, but last year in Sept, we had a bad storm which tore it up for good. We called around about replacing the top, but the company who made the pagoda filed BK and