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Delightful Watergardens's profile

Delightful Watergardens
Location: Pewaukee,WI
Address: N39W22969 Sunset Dr.
Coverage Region: Milwaukee-Madison and Southeastern
Phone: 262-844-5882

We design, create, maintain, repair and assist DIY : Rainwater Harvesting, Wetland Systems, Ponds, Pondless waterfalls, and creative fountains.

About Us:

We have been in landscaping since 1998. In 2003 Jason & Krista decided to design and install a water garden in our yard first. Together they completed the renovation of their plain lawn into a watergarden oasis! As we created our waterfalls and pond we found that this was very different from other types of landscaping. Creating water features is a specialized field. This also takes a lot of creativity to really make it look natural. And no pond or waterfalls are complete until the plantings are in.

Waterfalls & Ponds

Owner: Delightful
Location: Pewaukee
image_icon4758 Views image_icon216 Votes

A snapshot of our work!

Pond Renovation w/ RainXchange System

Owner: Delightful
Location: pewaukee
image_icon5624 Views image_icon301 Votes

transforming beautiful private paradise to include a larger pond and more waterfalls and a rainwater harvesting system!