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Cheaper than Therapy

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What once started out as just a plain yard has, over the last 12 years, become a hobby for my husband and myself. The goal each year is to have less grass to mow. Maybe we will get there some day.

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Comments / Q&A

On July 24,2011 Laura Beth Fox said:

"Did you make your birdhouses?"

On July 24,2011 Laura Beth Fox said:

"I love frogs! Check out my pond and frogs!"

On June 2,2011 Ron said:

"Hey Lynn awesome Love your frog and the bridge the fish great job. Enter the contest so I can vote for you."

On August 26,2010 Anna O'C said:

"Beautiful ponds. I especially like the stonework margins. "

On August 18,2010 Coastal Gardener said:

"Yours is another garden that should be higher up on the inspiration list! You definitely have my vote. (I'm beginning to think people who are voting are not doing it based on merit -- I'm seeing too many votes going to yards not nearly as lovely as yours.)"

On August 17,2010 Sheree said:

"Thank you for the tour! I have found inspiration."

On May 26,2010 Donna F. said:

"Thanks for visiting me too - you visited my last year - I posted on for this summer too - It is funny for me to see all the changes I make in a season - if you look at my Lower Maintenance pics I bet you can see the changes too plus my frog!"

On May 26,2010 Donna F. said:

"Love your Title - I cant tell you how many times I have said the same thing - I even feel better when I am out there! We have many similarities in our yards - frogs, pond, passion flower, THERAPY, and mine has been about a 12 year hobby too! I loved every picture."

On March 14,2010 Diane and Richard said:

"Love your paradise! You have such good ideas!"

On March 14,2010 jannetie said:

"What a wonderful yard you have, so colorful and diverse! Thank you for sharing, and thank you for visiting our yard. Don't you just love when the frogs come back in the spring? Our goals seem to be similar - the less grass, the better!"

On September 22,2009 Steve said:

"what a nice little oasis"

On August 18,2009 Lark said:

"Thank you for the tour of your yard. Very pretty. I like your BLUE BOTTLE TREE. I too love BLUE and things that are different."

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