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Backyard Makeover

Castro Valley (9)
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Our back yard is split into two halves...the patio half and the grass/flower bed half. I did the patio half 3 years ago, but the other half has not got the attention it deserves until now. So this past week, we hired ArborTeck Tree Care & Landscaping of Hayward, CA. They removed a tree to open the yard up a bit, not to mention clean up all of the roots that had come to the surface. This allowed us to replace the sod and create a new raised planter on the side. They dressed up all of the flower beds with weed mat and mulch, plus replaced all our sprinklers and put in a drip system for the beds. We couldn't be happier with the finished product.

Comments / Q&A

On August 18,2012 YardShare said:

"Thanks Ron & Diane. I'll get an updated picture in here...the planter has really filled in since this was last taken."

On August 12,2012 Ron said:

"Bryan very very nice ya'll must be very proud"

On August 2,2012 diane said:

"Love it! "

On February 16,2011 Mattemma said:

"They did a good job.Much better without that tree.Good choice."

On May 31,2010 YardShareBryan said:

"Thanks so much Geraldine! Those pics are from last summer. As soon as my hydrangeas bloom in the next month or so, I'll put up the updated pics. We are very happy with our decision to remove that tree."

On May 29,2010 Geraldine Dean said:

"I love the transformation Bryan. Geting rid of the tree really opened the space up. Your patio and BBQ area looks so cozy and inviting..., I can almost smell the food grilling now, what's on the menu Bryan ?...;-)"

On February 5,2010 shelia said:

"this is beautiful. with the lovely yard and great bbq area, i'm sure this is everyones favorite hang-out!"

On September 21,2009 Lark said:

"Great job Bryan. Looks like the perfect place for the girls to play, which probably influenced you to get this done. I like the raised bed. As you little ones get older, it will be the perfect place to show them where veggies come from. They would love it! It looks like you may have a pretty view...some more pics, please. Your yard is a perfect size for a busy man like yourself. Big enough to ENTERTAIN and small enough to MAINTAIN. "

On September 18,2009 Kim said:

"Thanks for visiting my yard. Your yard and bbq are great. Looks like you are on the side of a hill or mountain. I bet you have great views. I love to go to the mountains and look at the beautiful views. It would be even better just to look out back and enjoy a good view. I need to tackle the backyard more next year. For some reason it was taken over with weeds this summer. This job is never done!!"

On September 14,2009 YardShareBryan said:

"Thanks Judith!"

On September 14,2009 Judith Zitiello said:

"This is such a beautiful transformation. Great job! I give you an inspiration vote! LOVE the planter boxes and flowers."

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