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I started this project in 2007. Construction was new to me and it was definitely a learning experience for my son and I.

Comments / Q&A

On May 28,2010 pragmatic said:

"You said it my friend! Thanks"

On May 28,2010 YardShareBryan said:

"Every time a man finishes his outdoor kitchen, an angel gets his wings! You've really done an incredible job. I love the detail of the tile and the granite gives it such a clean look. The next picture I want to see posted...that grill fired up working on some steaks for a Memorial Day celebration!"

On May 28,2010 pragmatic said:

"It's been awhile since I popped in, but I finally have something to post about. Survived Hurricane Ike (2008) with only minor damage to the house. Completed repairs for that then it was back to the kitchen. I found contractors with reasonable pricing for gas, water and electric, then on the home stretch for tile and granite countertops~just in time for Memorial Day. I think I succeeded in making this the longest project ever! Hope you like it! "

On October 22,2008 said:

"Hi Shyron, I never compared price to cinder-block, but the ease of construction and design options made me use the metal framing~very easy to cut and fasten. I have progressed from what you see in the pics a bit but Hurricane Ike was a major set back for me. I'll be back at it and post up new pics soon. There are kits available but I bought the metal framing from Lowes (less than $200). Yes, it is very weather resistant. It 's been uncovered (as you see it) for many months with NO signs of rust "

OnOctober 21,2008 said:


On August 13,2008 said:

"I WANT ONE JUST LIKE IT!! :)nwonderful's amazing!"

OnAugust 13,2008 said:

"Thanks, Gina! I'm still working on it :)"

On April 2,2008 YardShareBryan said:

"Welcome my friend! Can't wait to see the finished matter how long it takes!!!"

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