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Backyard Stream

Garden Escapes
San Luis Obispo
12,344 (76)
296 (163)

This yard was changed from a blank backyard to a little oasis with a 60' long stream flowing into a pond along the back deck. Plants bloom all year long. The property backs up to an Oak Reserve

Yard Categories: Back Yard Water Feature
Location: San Luis Obispo
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Comments / Q&A

On October 8,2008 Ron said:

"Hey great work Erik you like the Zapp Pure? have you gone through any lights yet for your UV? Biological filter how often do you need to clean it and does it get rid of the slime that the UV kills? sorry for so many questions, but it's Beautiful. Erik check out our little garden pond it's (Ron & Eydies Rock garden pond) it should be on the right hand side I think it was # 5 or 6 Right now I have no filtration at all n(E-Mail- I could use some advice"

On October 8,2008 said:

"This project was done about ten years ago. there have been some great advances in biological filtration and UV sterilization since then. We have been using the Aquabead Alpha One Filters by GC Tek. They are great and really easy to clean out. The frequency of cleaning depends on many factors. For most people, it needs to be cleaned every 4-6 weeks. it takes about 5 minutes and you do not have to get dirty at all. The UV lights usually need to be replaced about once a year. The UV light will not "

OnAugust 7,2008 said:

"Thank you. There is a biological filter, an autofill, overflow, and a UV installed. My favorite UV system currently is the Zapp Pure. We have been very happy with their performance."

On July 10,2008 said:

"This yard is absolutely beautiful!!!"

OnMay 28,2008 said:


On May 17,2008 said:

"Very pretty indeed! "

On April 2,2008 Ron said:

"Hey it looks great. Do you have a UV system installed? nWonderful work"

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