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Pet Rescue Area

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Penni & I are animal lovers and have a cat rescue area on our property. It is about 1/4 acre surrounded by 10 ft. high fences and covered by netting (netting is new and pics soon). There are also 2 small barns in the enclosure. The cats have access to one barn (via pet doors) and the other is used for storage & supplies. We recently moved in about a dozen chickens and a rooster to help keep down the weeds and bugs. We're also getting about a dozen eggs a day!

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Comments / Q&A

On October 2,2009 Shelly El Massmoudi said:

"I love it! Keep up the great work. All of my animals have been rescued. Wish I lived closer to you. I would come and help ya out."

On October 6,2008 Steve said:

"Thanks Karen. It gets tougher and tougher in these times to care for the forgotten and discarded creatures. "

On October 3,2008 Karen W said:

"What you people are doing is wonderful. I have two Maltese Dogs we bought from breeders and a Cat that we rescued, he was a stray that had been neutered and declawed. He is very pretty with blue eyes. You can see him in my yard. ( Cottage Remodel ) Keep up the good work"

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